Online Dental Assistant Course

Why Become An Orthodontic Assistant

  • Benefits: California is the highest paid state for Orthodontic Assistants. Most orthodontic offices offer flexible schedules. There is enough employment opportunity in California to accommodate the desire of a full-time or part-time position. Also, most Orthodontic Assistants receive benefits such as dental & medical health care, 401k, paid sick leave and vacation time.
  • A Rewarding Career: If you are a people person, being in an orthodontic office setting is perfect for you because the patient is required to come in on a regular basis. You are able to form meaningful relationships with your patients which increases your job satisfaction! The patients begin to appreciate you for teaching them the basics of good oral hygiene, and being their with them as they gain confidence through their improving smile. You also bring a level of efficiency to the dentist through your delivery of patient education and guidance throughout their patients experience with braces.
  • Job Security: Dental Assisting is one of the fastest growing occupations in the country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected an 18% increase through 2014, meaning you will have job opportunity available almost anywhere.
  • Room for Advancement: Orthodontic assisting is far from a dead end career. The amount of employment growth opportunities in the field are rising. Statistics show that 70% of dental assistants receive a raise in their current position. There are also opportunities to gain more value through learning all trades of an orthodontic office. For example: Lab work such as fabricating orthodontic appliances, treatment coordinator, office manager, floor supervisor, ect.
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